About our company

ALSTRON (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Blk 2019 Bukit Batok Street 23
Industrial Park A #02-268
Singapore 659524
Telephone : +65 6899 0919
WhatsApp: +65 8738 2160
Email : sales.sg@alstron.com.sg

Alstron has always been a daring and innovative company since its inception from 1988.

We became one of the first to design and produce POE Switches for the surveillance market from 2015, drawing experiences from being a distributor and OEM label for POE Switches and Industrial Grade Switches previously. Our aim was to offer practical and cost effective POE solution for the surveillance industry. The industry at that time was using POE solutions built for Commercial Wireless and ICT applications.

We became the first to innovate test procedures against our manufactured POE Switch to ensure they work on Full HD CCTV with low network latency. Building upon our engineering experience, we also focus on ensuring our POE Switch can endure in tropical climate. All these are made possible by carefully choosing the components that are in our POE switch. We tried, we learn and we succeeded.

We have since expanded our POE and related product’s portfolio to include Rugged POE Switch targeted for use in outdoor conditions and many more. We thank our customers for their valuable feedback that improved our Product and Services.

In response to market trends, we have also been offering innovative and good quality products for IOT and Smart City requirement, focusing on productivity and work related process control solutions. These are part of the key component of IOT and Smart City where things are automated and made simple for a better life.

At Alstron, we believe in continuing to provide innovative, practical and cost effective solution for the Surveillance, IOT (Smart City) and Smart Lighting industry amidst the competitive environment as we believe Small is Beautiful.